5 Most Efficient Ways To Sell Subscription Boxes

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The best ways of selling your subscription boxes
Everyone knows the feeling of joy and excitement when a package arrives in the mail. Whether it's a letter from a friend, your favorite magazine, or a new t-shirt, there is something about sending things to people that makes them happy. And sending things out is what subscription boxes are all about.
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Everyone knows the feeling of joy and excitement when a package arrives in the mail. Whether it’s a letter from a friend, your favorite magazine, or a new t-shirt, there is something about sending things to people that makes them happy. And sending things out is what subscription boxes are all about.

All of us – both adults and children – still feel that joy and excitement when a package is delivered.

That is why subscription box providers constantly strive to instill a sense of excitement. There is something for every type of child! Mini fashionistas will enjoy their apparel boxes, while science geeks will enjoy the scientific kits keeping them engaged at home or in class on rainy days. Picky eaters can always find their favorite meals tucked safely away, so they typically don’t need any more encouragement than one photo.

In today’s article, let’s talk about how you can sell your subscription boxes more effectively. If you’ve been selling your subscription boxes for a while, I’m sure you’ve gotten a lot of trial users that signed up for a free box and never upgraded. And if you’re just starting out, you’ll soon realize that choosing the right way to market is crucial to the success of your subscription box business. Let’s dive in and check out the most efficient ways to sell your subscription boxes!

1) Tell Family & Friends about Your Box

If you’re planning on selling your subscription box, the best way to get started is by telling family and friends. This will help you start building a customer base right away and give you a sense of who is interested in buying your product.

If possible, offer them a discount or freebie so they feel like they’re getting something special by purchasing from you. This will help them feel more connected to your business and may encourage them to share their experience with others. It’s always better to have dozens of friends promoting your business than just one person!

2) Get Social

Social media is a great tool for selling your subscription boxes. It allows you to reach a large audience in a short amount of time, and use it to share content that will help people understand why they should subscribe to your box.

If you have a Facebook page, you should consider posting about new products, upcoming deals, sales, or what’s inside the box. If you have an Instagram account, post pictures of the items inside the box and offer deals for people who want to subscribe. You can also use social media ads if your budget allows it.

3) Free Giveaways and Coupon Codes

This is a great way to get customers to sign up for your subscription box. It’s also a great way to get them excited about new boxes that are coming out!

The first time you do this, make sure it’s a big deal. Give away $100 worth of products, or offer a coupon code for 50% off. This will help incentivize your customer to sign up right away so they don’t miss out on the deal—and it will get them excited about the next time you do this!

4) Multi-Channel Selling

multichannel approach

Multi-channel selling is the most efficient way to sell your subscription boxes because it allows you to reach customers across multiple platforms. If you’re already selling your subscription boxes on one platform, like Instagram, don’t forget about the other channels where your target audience might be lurking!

On top of that, if your business is still in its infancy and not yet profitable, spend some time searching for influencers who have large followings and reach out to them about doing a sponsored post in exchange for a free product. You’ll get some exposure (which will help with sales), they’ll get free stuff (which keeps them happy and engaged), so everyone wins!

5) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to get your subscription boxes in front of the right audience. With the right influencer, you can reach thousands or even millions of followers. That’s because influencers are trusted sources for their followers, and they’re often referred to as experts on a given topic.

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Always keep in mind that you sell not a product but emotions. And in your marketing approach, you should also share some feelings.

For this reason, word of mouth is the best way of promoting your subscription boxes. According to the survey by Thrive Agency, over 63% of Americans have followed a brand featured in an influencer’s post in 2021. And the most popular type of influencer content was creative content (30.35%).

People trust other people more than advertisements, so when influencers share their subscription box experiences, they are sure to receive many impressions and responses, and you may create new leads.

People trust other people more than advertisements

Influencers may appear to be prohibitively pricey at first sight, but this is not the case. Of course, celebrities’ or top bloggers’ services might be costly, but there are other alternatives. For example, there are parents who are quite active on social media and very well-known in their areas. You may find out when their children’s birthdays are and offer them free samples of your boxes as children’s gifts. In response, you may request candid public comments from them. If they enjoy your packages, they will spread the word and suggest you to their communities. Their main message will most likely be their children’s delight in the present, as captured in images and videos.

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